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    • 幫我翻譯英文歌曲(pumpkin pie time)

      ...把蘋果切成薄片(sneak a tiny bite)(偷偷吃一小口)mash up the pumpkin把南瓜搗成泥(one that's plump and ripe)(那個南瓜既大又熟)add a bit of sugar加一點兒糖sprinkle in some spice灑上...

    • 英文題目求解~!

      ...) have(B) are (C) has(D) is33. (A) plump (B) swift (C) robust(D) tiny34. (A) take (B) cost (...

    • 幫我看一下這幾個英文寫作有沒有錯!!!!!20點!!!!!!

      ... because he is not only pleasantly plump / chubby / stout but of average / medium height. Jenny... to English on the radio very carefully. One day, he tried to talk to a foreigner in English...