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    • 關於信用狀交易的書信..英翻中

      ... Motor Company Pony Pick UP Gentlemen, Your letter of ... the order we placed with you for the subject Pick Up has...

    • oh ya.. super 急 英文俚語

      1 花錢如流水 2 感覺棒透了。(用在感覺狀況很佳,或是身體狀況很好時) 3 敲竹槓 / 太貴了 4 賄賂,給某人好處 5 為…付出過高價格 6 付賬 7 遇到經濟困難 8 歸還,付出 9 餬口、工作收入不高,僅夠溫飽 10付出,尤指付出金錢。 11留待天晴補看的票根;延期舉行 12免費招待;請客 13付帳, 付錢...

    • 尋求英文高手中翻英。拜託~這很急>< to have you to join our professional sales team in which you can make up to one million N.T. each year. For further information, please call 0000-111-222!