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  1. post-haste


    • adv.
      with great speed or immediacy
    • 釋義


    • 1. with great speed or immediacy she would go post-haste to England
  2. 知識+

    • 跟"十"有關的句子(24H)~ 15點

      十全十美:perfect:flawless;impecable 十足學究氣:unadulterated pedantry 十拿九穩:as good as assured 十萬火急:post-haste;Most Urgent(mark on dispatches) 十之八九:in eight or nine cases out of ten; most likely

    • 中英文諺語,對應貼切的。(2005-05-20問)

      ...英雄所見略同 ☆Habit is second nature. 習慣是第二天性 ☆Haste makes waste. 欲速不達 ☆Health is better than wealth...

    • 分詞構句的用法?

      ...了。) (Having been) written in haste, the book has some daults. (這本書... ~ 例句:(When) meiling a letter in the post office, I met Mary. (去郵局寄信時,我遇到...