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  1. proprietary name, proprietary term

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    • 翻譯 技術合約

      ...other ("Receiving Party") certain proprietary or confidential information relating to its business..., interfaces, materials, names and expertise of employees and consultants...

    • 請幫我翻譯此網址的內容(英翻中)

      ... Southland Corporation changes name to 7-Eleven, Inc. Früt Cooler™ introduced (proprietary low-fat smoothie-like fruit drink)南方公司將名字改為7-Eleven...

    • 關於house-brand

      ...品牌的洗衣機與家電商品,至今仍為美國廣大家庭所愛用。 A proprietary brand of merchandise sold by one retailer and often bearing the name of the retailer. 2. An item of merchandise sold under a house brand, usually...