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  1. prove someone wrong

    • ph.
      show that what someone says is wrong or incorrect
  2. 知識+

    • would have proved me ...文法問題

      你這個東西一定有上下文啦。 不可能突然就給你一個whould have當主詞。 最簡單的就是省略掉it (it) would have proved me wrong about him. 是不是在對話中的句子? 可能省略掉it了。 would have 不能當主詞。

    • 英文問題 S+V+O+C怎麼造句??急急急

      We proved them wrong. (我們證明他們是錯的) 其中主詞是we,動詞proved,受詞them...

    • 英文文法問題:

      The facts proved her assumption wrong. 請問這句wrong 前面是不是要加was? 不必加,因為proved在此...