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    • across America為什麼不能用around

      ...across America, a joutney across America, a walk across America, to provide a water route across America to the Pacific....等等. 2009-01-10 17:11:24 補充...

    • 請求英文高手翻譯公司的Desciption

      UPS 中國到美國的這條快遞路線有非常高的回報率, 同一時間, 在UPS的主要基地美國, UPS跟DELL戴爾電腦公司之間的統一快遞服務合約也推動了UPS的業績進一步上升.

    • (英文)英翻中 麻煩你們了~~20點

      ...information to determine the aircraf's position in noe,two,or three dimensions and to provide information for flying the aircraft to a specific location or course. This refers to equipment and systems for en route navigation or for short-range systems used for approach and landing...