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    • 高手幫我翻翻看><(急)

      ...everyone knows, wafer fabrication is a capital-intensive and highly competitive industry. 眾所皆知... proposed capacity determination model can provide an analysis platform for decision support. 提出能力確定模式可以提供一個...

    • 幫忙中翻英..關於死刑的問題..謝謝>_<

      Some people advocate the human rights for criminals that sentenced to death...discourage crime. Food and resources provided to capital prisoners substantially impose heavy burden on...

    • 英文短文看不懂 拜託幫忙英翻中

      ..., rather than use their funds for capital expenditure. Financial investment, in other ...successful companies grow, but does not directly provide growth for the economy as a whole. 終於, 當市場是非常...