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  1. purchase order

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    • ph.
      請購單;訂單 Your purchase order 123 was shipped to you yesterday. 你的訂單號碼 123 昨天已出貨。
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    • order point

      I will contact you as soon as i reach to my purchase order point. purchase order point的意思是下訂單的時機,有制度的公司... let me know as soon as you would like to place orders. 以上參考參考

    • 商業書信,中翻英,十萬火急~

      Concerning the purchase order PO#534, 10% of fabric surface can not be...compensate for the loss by the sum of 30% of the total purchasing amount of the PO#534 order and the expenditure of the sir shipping fee...

    • 請各位大大幫忙翻譯商用英文(謝絕線上翻譯)

      Dear Your purchase order dated has been received by our firm, but either provide us with a number for your order or issue a new purchase order for the items you have requested. 我們請求你再提供其他有编號...