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    • 請幫忙翻譯小孩歡唱本的操作.(中翻英)

      ...按鈕, 按下第一次開始播放, 按下第二次結束播放 Same button, first push for playing, second time to finish playing it. 02三段式大小聲可供調整 Three stage ...

    • 擠時間的英文

      ... pushing now? 你們現在在趕(進度)嗎? Yeah, it's pushing time for us. 是啊,現在我們在趕進度。 註解:於此,也可用 push 來代替 pushing...

    • push-back ???

      ... they might be the same, but in English they are not interchangeable. For examples: If something will be pushed back in time by a few hours, it's delayed. Weather can delay the...