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    • [翻譯] put...on hold ?

      ...put me on hold! I'm in a hurry! I am going to have to put your call on hold.put someone on holdto stop all activity...hold until they got enough money to finish it. Sorry, but we must put ...

    • 勘誤表的英文該如何說呢?

      ...and your organization is a mess, then proofreading will just be putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. When you finish revising, that's the time to proofread. Editing is what you...

    • 英翻中(為什麼這裡的 SUPER 要大寫?)

      Alex is SUPER easy to copy off of, because he always finishes his test early and puts his paper down on the floor next to him. So if I ever get in a pinch, it’s nice to know I can count on Alex to bail me out...