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    • 請大家幫我修改翻譯謝謝 (我有先翻了) 10點

      ...安撫它使它沉睡(這裡的it指上兩句的passion以及love) I'll keep it in a hidden place 我要把它保存在隱祕之地裡 (這個it還是一樣延續上面一段的,就是passion跟love...

    • 英文標點符號問題

      ... when everything takes place, 2012-12-17 16:17:08 補充 the money I receive and put it in the bank, because it is a lot for me. 2012-12-17... I know I can hide the money and use it to buy some...

    • 可以幫我看我寫的英文哪裡有錯幫我糾正謝

      ... whiter by putting them in dough. The wolf... kid who hid under the bed. ... kid to the place where the bad wolf was taking a nap. 所有的動詞應用...