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  1. put in an appearance

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    • 1. 露一下面 I don't want to go to the party but I'd better put in an appearance, I suppose. 我不想參加那個聚會, 可是我最好還是要露一下面。
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      ...sloppy, which may reflect that you are an untidy person. Second, if you don’t care about your external appearance, most proprietors would consider...if you show up with a lousy suit right in front of your date, who would get...

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      ...rather than talk about his appearance. 2.You are...interview. You notice a button in missing on your suit. You: d. put a funny pin where the button...late is very impolite in an appointment, especially in a job...

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      ... merge these key elements in the product design of this research, and use... time the curly hair is put, analyse the image investigation...: Series, products appearance design, electrical home appliances...