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    • 請英文達人幫我修改一下句子

      ...2006. 2. During 哪一年 I have participated in a case competition, which has gave me the chance to put what I have learned into practice; the experience has also tought me the importance good teamworks...

    • 可以幫我翻ㄧ下中文意思嗎

      那些文章討論商業的品牌的涵義和價值, 並且認為商業的品牌競爭是商業發展的大的趨勢, 商人應該用現代想法鞏固零售品牌建設, 企業應該改變經濟發展模式,提升核心競爭性,並且貫徹商業的品牌競爭的策略。

    • 請幫我的英文作文挑錯(20點)

      ... prize of a singing competition at the age of 14. His...album. His appearance also put new energy into the Mandopop field. 2006-12-17 16:38:11 補充: With all these reasons above...