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    • 幫忙英文諺語翻譯,感謝20點^^

      ...貓哭耗子假慈悲 idle youth;a needy age 少壯不努力,老大徒傷悲 put a false front.(or) to create a false impression 認錯人了

    • 幫幫忙唷!把這邊短文翻英文!

      ...enclose and have a meal in front of the dining table...good happiness. Have a meal, it is, ultra and disagreeable. On short three weeks...good rest, it is false to put one, go out to play. ...

    • 英文的幽默笑話

      ... for a man to put an ice cream cone in his...2007-12-13 21:24:02 補充: A gentleman walked into a... to Europe on business for two weeks... on the street in front of the bank. 於是紳士把他...