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    put on an act

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    • act的用法 (10點)

      ...幕 b. 一齣 a juggling act 搞笑變戲法的一幕戲 6 假裝, 裝模做樣 put on an act 裝模做樣 <<動詞>> (acted, acting...

    • 麻煩懂英文的幫幫我 非常急

      ...憤怒好的一面 2.A researcher doing a case study on emotions in organizations interviewed...people off now than I ever used to be. I can put people in about three sentences. Like, instead...

    • egg 得慣用語

      ...hellip;澆雞蛋 2. 【口】 向…扔雞蛋 3. 煽動,慫恿,鼓動 .egg sb on to an act [on to do] 煽動某人行動[做某事]. 慣用語 .put (have) all (ones) eggs in one basket (口語)孤注一擲 .egg on (...