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    • toeic英文翻譯

      這句話有點怪怪的 首先片語應該是 "put in mind of someone or something" 使某人想起....某人/事/物。 如果主詞是he,後面應該...

    • 請問英文句子that和what用法

      Keep in mind that one gets out of life what one puts into it .Keep in mind 是一個副詞片語,先別管它.that 單純的帶出一件事情,本身沒有意思,通常可省略...

    • ex3請問英文這麼寫對嗎

      ... out/ clarify the matters? I wish I weren't the one who was put in such a difficult position. Notes: (a) set your mind at rest: 使某人安心 (b) be out of your mind with worry: 極其憂慮 (c) puzzled: 困惑 (d) have a lot on...