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  1. put the boot in (or into someone)

    • ph.
      kick someone hard when they are on the ground
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    • 阿阿誰可以幫我翻成英文呀

      ...versatile person's words after the kitten puts on the boots. The boots cat in order to cat wants Hans to jump into water, plan, want Hans meet with noble ...

    • Puss in Boots 穿長統靴的貓 (5點)

      ... Puss a pair of boots. 他幫小貓做了一雙靴子...比爾說。 Puss puts some carrots in the bag. 小貓放了一些紅蘿蔔...a rabbit and it goes into the bag. “嗯&hellip...

    • 英文高手們請近

      One rainy day, Tim put on his raincoat and boots and walked happily, singing along the way. Tim was a well-mannered boy... looked at each other and burst into laughter.