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  1. rail accident

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    • 火車出軌意外,請大大們幫我檢視文法問題

      ...could have been caused by the carelessness of the train maintenance team or rail malfunction. 3.What would your reaction be if you saw an accident like this? I would shock and scream and then Call 119. Maybe...

    • 麻煩幫助我翻成英文..~急~20點

      ...s two Vietnamese wives both die in the accident, they both has insuring before death, he just...and is defeated , train that upper first rail was unexpected that Mr.& Mrs. ...

    • 可以幫我翻成英文的嗎 ?

      ...bus to fall the river, creates 15 dead. This traffic accident occurs west of capital Teheran 35 kilometers..., causes the bus to break through the bridge guard rail, falls in the river.