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    • 急!請各位武林好手幫忙翻譯課文!

      A leader rides the waves , moves with the tide , and understands the...能讓一個國家為和平而放棄戰鬥。His purpose must match the national mood .他的目標必須符合全體人民心之所向。His...

    • 崖上的波妞 中翻英

      ...the enormous storm. The wave girl has found one to lie between riding the wave. Pay attention to the sha , Zong Jie and girl of wave and stay...

    • 請幫我翻譯...(中翻英)~

      1.開始行動 Get started. 2.乘風破浪 Riding the wind and breaking the waves 3.盡我所能 Give it my best shot. 4.有志者是竟成 Where there is a will , there is a way.