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    • Does a swimming pool rinse off

      No, a swimming pool does not rinse off anything. But if you jump into one with water in it, the water that would react to the poison Ivy, not the other way around. rinse off = 沖掉

    • 求英語大師解答

      Rinse off= rinse out= remove dirt, etc from sth with water Dry= dry off= (cause...preferably using a stroking (輕撫)action. Step 3 Rinse the hair thoroughly with generous quantities (大量) of warm water...

    • 拜託幫我翻譯這段英文說明

      ...光滑) 2.DIRECTIONS.For softness and radiance, massage into damp skin then rinse off in a warm shower or bath. 使用說明:為達到肌膚光滑細嫩之效果 請在微濕肌膚...