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    • 翻譯一段科技英文

      ...0.05 and 0.09 samples, no satellite structure was observed above... that the only valence state of copper in these two samples...from Fig. 1, the intensity of the satellite for the x = 0.14 sample is less...

    • 一題高中英文 請高手解惑 感恩

      ...航空飛行] 但是本句其實是use(使用) 的被動式, 而非以上兩種情況: Some satellites are called "junk". In 1963, the United States put millions of small pieces of wire into orbit. They ______ carry...

    • 問英文文法(形容詞子句簡化成分詞片語)?

      ... rocket, which North Korea says put a weather satellite into orbit, has been labeled by the United States, South Korea, and Japan as a test of technology...