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    satisfy the demand of

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    • [中翻英]誰可以幫我看看這個段落這樣翻譯對不對?

      試翻譯如下: In terms of the demand of photagraphy,please allow us to offer the service for you.We'll do our best to satisfy all your needs of photagraphy. 2009-02-09 11:21:12 補充: 蓉蓉的...

    • 請幫我中翻英...謝謝...有關創意性機構設計課程

      ...者的使用需求。Traditional content of courses study environment can satisfied with the learner's demand of using in the 21st century already.現在的社會是一個處在一個數位化、網路化...

    • demand的問題 demands that the law on gun ownership should be... dmnd/ noun, verb / satisfy their customers' demands (= to give them what...2 demands [pl.] ~ (of sth)| ~ (on sb) things...