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    scare off

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    • Are you presentable? 英翻中

      presentable 可見人的 enough 足夠的 scare (off) 把...嚇跑[(+away/off)] client 顧客 基本上整句翻譯是: 你具備不把客人嚇跑的足夠[能見度]嗎?

    • 請問這句要怎嚜回答?

      ... trying to make friends with others so you don't scare them off.妳在與其他人交友時,應該以較溫和的方式與人接觸財不會把他們嚇跑. 希望...

    • “go off the rail”是什麼意思???

      I am scared of the big move because I am not a risk taker in this way and I am worried you “go off the rail” when anything goes wrong. Things will go wrong because...