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  1. scarf down

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    • 翻譯一篇英文文章(英翻中) 急需

      ...southern United States, sweets fans have been scarfing down Krispy Kreme doughnuts for more than 50 years 在...

    • 中翻英句子 (不要貼電子翻譯給我)

      ...look good? The silk scarf sway with the wind.The wind stop and the silk scarf hang down .(5)你要吹冷氣 (電風) 嗎? Do you need to use air-conditioning...

    • 英翻中....please~~~

      1. promotion character: 特色, 賣點; 特點 2. down jacket: 羽毛夾克 down quilt: 羽毛被, knit cap:編織帽, gloves:手套, scarf:圍巾, earmuffs: 禦寒用的耳罩 3. chap: (皮膚)龜裂 peel: 脫皮, itch...