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    • 大家來找碴~~10錯誤

      ... too expensive when safety and (*the*) health are relegated to a secondary position. (*approach*)→plan (*for*) →刪 (*within*) → in / 或刪 (*workstation*) →workplace (*in...

    • 這句英文是甚麼意思?Commercial speech en

      ...是甚麼意思? 問題尤其在commensurate with its subordinate position in the scale of First Amendment ... in size or degree; proportionate Subordinate = secondary or lowerFirst half of the sentence: Commercial...

    • (急)於台北時報廣告的翻譯

      ... background -溝通語言教學背景 *2-3 years secondary(high)school experience 教過國中或高中(國二到高三) (2-3年的教學經驗) 2010-12-26 20:00:17 補充: full-time position offers competitive package >> 全日的職位句提供...