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    • as 當介系詞

      [It is seen as shameful.? 這句子裡的as是當什麼詞? 是有省略了什麼嘛?] 這裡沒有省略字。as...危險的。 改為被動,句型就跟你問題的句型一樣。 Tilikum was seen as dangerous (by SeaWorld staff) . 再舉一個例子: We regard certain ...

    • how放在中間之文法如何解釋?

      Seeing as how monkey was a monkey and not a person(原文)猴就是猴子而不是人,其中Seeing as(或是Seeing as how 或是Seeing as how monkey)譯成中文是什麼意思?另外how放在中間之文法...

    • 請教一個句子的文法架構分析

      ...that you think our children will look on and see as backwards, or even barbaric? "are there..." also got omitted because of "see as". Even though it is weird to have an...