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    • 翻譯一篇關於稅法的文章~~急

      ...technical service income, is not suitable this article related to calculate seeks to make a profit stipulation the enterprise obtained volume, if this foreign dispatch organization within the boundaries of Republic...

    • 英文long sought ways的中文意思

      合成有機及高分子化學家長久以來都在尋找能夠控制(或支配)合成聚合物結構及組成的方法, 以在某種程度能媲美於生物系統中所觀察到的那些(結構及組成的方法). have long sought ways 應該是長久以來在尋找 希望能幫到你

    • 幫我把這段翻成英文^^

      Seek opportunities to study abroad, learn more knowledge in order to obtain the relevant future career or instructor's license footsteps pass on my...