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    • 請問「難得」&「元老級人物」英文說法

      ...社團的學長姐是「元老級人物」時, 如果只是單純的"資深", 那就是用[a senior member/figure]. 如果真的是屬於"創團元老"的級數, 還可以用[a founder member]. [veteran...

    • 麻煩我解一下幾題英文~~

      ...the appointment in the afternoon. (3)aimed at=v.t.=direct effort towards, purpose at; senior citizens. (4)the=is the definite article=the toxic (liquid). (5)...

    • 關於三題英文文法問題

      ...go on ______ the university after graduating from the senior high school. (A) with (B) in (C) for...worker he was, he took _______ trouble over the figures. A) extensive B) spare C) extra D...