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    • 球隊規則請幫我譯成英文

      1. Members of the club must have the sense of honor. If the member’s behavior happens to... from the club according to the severity of the matter. 4. Please refer to the website of...

    • Translate Ba

      ... Speech 裡面說的 : "It is with a profound sense of humility that I accept the honor you have chosen to bestow upone me. I know: your choice...

    • 忙碌的感覺怎麼說....還有

      ...of achievement/fulfillment 成就感英文 sense of + N  可輕易表達~~感Ex:Sense of humor 幽默感         honor 榮譽感         responsibility 責任感         security 安全感         guilt 罪惡感...