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    • difference between 3 words

      ... the difference here is that this word refers especially to military people. ...martinet who always follows the orders of the military. Set 2: I think "elude" and "evade...

    • 凱斯英文題目翻譯

      您好: Look at each set of words. Circle the letters that are the same. 翻譯: 觀察每一個字的設定/位置,圈出相同的字母。 希望有幫助到您^^

    • ●●請問WORD軟體使用技巧?如何使每個有....

      ...for. Here we go... In Word, from the top tool bar... Format...same window, you can select the font, size of the font, the size of the font. To...the color you desire. Once you set your options, click ...