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  1. sexual abuse

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    • 誠徵醫護類英文高手幫忙翻譯,拜託(急需)!!贈15點!!

      sexual abuse(性虐待) Because sexual abuse is the most underreported type of elder maltreatment, it is difficult to assess the prevalence of a sexual assault component in elder victims. 性虐待是已老人惡待事件中最少被通報...

    • 誰能幫我用英文翻譯【強制性侵害】!?

      sexual abuse 強制性侵害 Raped 強姦 Sexual Assult 性燒擾 2008-04-19 02:01:30 補充: Mandatory sexual infringement (不存在) 是 命令性造反 = =|||(不存在) Mandatory 是命令的意識 infringement 是造反

    • 急件..麻煩英翻中..感激不盡

      ...Abuse. Identifying instances of sexual abuse us particularly difficult because,often,few if any obvious... very and may include any of those listed for sexual abuse. The victim may exhibit various behavioral ...