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  1. sharp end


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    • 1. 船頭
    • 2. 第一線 at the sharp end 處於第一線
    • 3. 事件的核心
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    • ph.
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    • 請問sharp end of the stick的中文?

      我覺得是有如履薄冰的感覺,按字意"at the sharp end"是"處於第一線"以下是來自外國人的討論...original meaning, maybe in the way that " The sharp end of the stick" or the "brown end of the stick"...

    • 好心人幫我翻譯一下..

      ... in her hair.The chopsticks had sharp ends. Mrs. Burt took the chopsticks out of her...

    • BBC"24 Years At The Tap End"

      ...18 補充: 這個節目的名字 [24 years at the tap-end] 就因此緣故而定名 2013-02-07 09:20:55 補充: 我的第一 can post new question(s), there are expert with very sharp ears on this board who will be able to help