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    • 想問一下這首歌的中文翻譯”Shining Friends”

      ...不要于躲角落 you have my place to stay 我的胸怀可让你倚靠 sorrow...忧伤终会跟你说再见 opens up you'll see the happy sunshine 张开...不会逝去的 是信念与理想 sun will shine, my friend 好朋友 太阳会闪耀...

    • 有誰有JOSH GROBAN的歌詞?

      ... can see your light And you will always shine And I can feel your heart in ... I idolize just you I look up to Everything you are In my...

    • 一些英文諺語的中文翻譯

      ...得了便宜還賣乖hook, line, and sinker全部Make hay while the sun is shining.) 打抱不平a catch 22 不可擺脫的look for A needle in A haystack 大海撈針a Herculean task艱鉅的任務 to give up the ghost 見閻王(死)bring to book 要求解釋; 責問