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    • Let Me Show You The Way 英翻中

      ... easy還是原本就這麼簡單 Let me show you the way且聽我指引 Or just say what you say So...簡單么 Are you gonna be there when I need someone當我需要你時 你是否會在 And will I...

    • 高手指點,這幾個翻譯好類似,我翻得不順,請幫我看看

      ...你對某個人或某件事採取什麼行為,用來表現你對他們的想法或感覺。 the way that you behave towards someone or in a particular situation, especially when this shows how you feel: 「...」 是你對某個人或某個特定狀況所表現出來的行為樣子...

    • 請教英文翻譯-這篇文章

      ... animals have different ways of showing their feelings 不同的動物用... dog barks to show there is someone at the door of your house 狗會叫是因為有人...