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    • sleep的過去式

      sleep的三態分別是:sleep - slept - slept 第一個sleep:為現在式動詞 第一個slept:為過去式動詞 第一個slept:為過去分詞

    • 有關Sleep的作文修改,多謝。

      As we know, sleep is very important to everyone. It is a crucial part of a person'...many people who are unable to simply lay back and get a good night’s sleep, especially in modern cities. First of all, we know that more and more people...

    • ''sleep well''的法文怎麼說?

      ...2006-01-22 07:19:47 補充: tina,如果是j'ai bien dormi,那就是過去式,英文會說i slept well. 2006-01-22 07:24:56 補充: 我總覺得問語言的問題應該說明情境,才能讓...