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  1. get a slice of the cake

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    • 1. 得到應得的一份利益 As workers in a profit-making industry, miners are getting a larger slice of the cake 礦工們身處賺錢的企業, 能多分一杯羹。
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    • 英文三明治食譜

      ...brown.把吐司放進烤箱或烤麵包機內,加熱到焦黃色。 2. spread the butter over each slice of the toast (one side each).每一片吐司抹上奶油 (每片一面即可)。 3. put the ham and the...

    • 英文單字的用法cut 和 slice

      ...割去[O][(+off/away/from)] One side of the hill had been sliced off. 山坡一側給削平了。 切開;劃破 The...切;割;剪;削;砍 Please cut the cake into ten pieces. 請把蛋糕切成十塊...

    • 中秋節 15點歐

      ..., each member of the family will eat a piece of the cake to show their unity.  Some moon cakes... yolks in them. When we slice a moon cake, we can see a salted yolk in the center...