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    soft in the head

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    • 英文段落翻譯幫忙一下

      The US $125000 machines work by holding the pages in place with soft suction and moving a scanning head vertically while the book is held open underneath. 主詞: The...

    • 請英文高手幫我翻譯成英文(2)~謝謝

      ...that really神力, and threaten the limbs are soft. Hun Han Chinese ...extraordinarily brave souls are flying, take the lead in the head呼喝ㄧ sound, all the Xiongnu on the back, and...

    • Taipei times翻譯(很急)

      ...應該是200個百萬 ,所以應該是兩億喔! 2007-10-21 16:53:30 補充: 說實在的,SOFT SPOT,本意是"性格上的弱點",我還真的不知道該怎麼翻...版主...