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  1. stable girl

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    • 一題英文的問題,請幫我解釋一下文法

      ...但不是問題要問的方式。 2010-09-12 20:22:28 補充: 另stable 的副詞是stably(穩定地),但在這裡說Yuan remains stably. 是不對的。 副詞的用法如下例: The girl rode the bicycle. 那女孩騎腳踏車。(rode...

    • 請英文強的人幫我看看我的英文自傳

      ... interested in Carrying Trade . I am the girl whose characteristics are stable and calm, and I also like to get along well with other persons. ...

    • 以下英文翻譯可以翻中文

      ...lady likes him because she think that he is honest wtih a stable job. What a pity, she is greedy too. She is a wet girl and two fathers.Her brothers isnt her own ...