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    staff member

    • ph.
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    • ph. 一個職員

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    • 使用staff及employee的問題

      Is Mr.Bill or his staff members going toattend the trade convention? Not... staffmember; a staffer; a clerk 職員 a staff member; an office employee personnel 引用: http://tw.dictionary...

    • 有請高手幫我翻譯這篇口稿(20點)!!有勞各位

      ...the period handing over to the next shift, staff members should make an inventory and check meter to check out... system, in order to help staff members input the interconnected system and arrange...

    • 二題英文比較級題型文法請教

      ... than ___ in his office. 1.any other staff member 2.all the staff member 3.anyone 版主給的標準答案錯誤...59:30 補充: Hi Kevin, 前有any, 那麼membermembers都合文法; 若無any, 才是必須用members...