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    stand in the way of

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    • 這一段英文(THE GOOD LIAR)怎麼唸?

      ... starts Maman She was reading a latter, standing in the door- way of our house. ‘‘Boys!’’ called Maman...

    • 英文造句~~~~~~~~~ 急!!!

      ...的經濟情況感到沮喪 at the risk of He helped me at the risk of his bankruptcy 他冒著破產的危險幫助我 to stand in the way If you want to become an artist, we won't stand in your way...

    • 片語造句 請英文高手幫忙

      ...a way for the child’s success. 爸媽做的一切是為了孩子的將來鋪路 16.stand in the way of Nothing can stand in my way now. 沒有任何東西可以阻止我 17...