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    • 求更好的英文翻譯

      ...狀態(喜歡某事物的狀態,但非指永遠喜歡) Her life was a constant struggle of battling infection and looking for her next breath . 她的一生不斷因病痛的侵染而掙札, 找尋下一次的呼吸(意譯:因疾病而要...

    • <中翻英>求!幫忙英譯一段文章

      ... been bustling for the moment, is a business leader estuary...bottom of society, long lingering breath of life between humanitarian relief and inhuman oppression, they seem to struggle while in fact has given...

    • 急!!贈20點 幫忙英文演講稿翻譯 需文法和用詞正確

      ...rsquo;t catch my breath. So I struggled to take a deep breath; and starting the speech with my... my line of words for the rest of the speech. In that very moment...