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  1. sure

    • KK[ʃʊr]
    • DJ[ʃuə]


    • adj.
    • adv.
    • 比較級:surer 最高級:surest

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    • 1. 確信的,有把握的[Z][F][+(that)][+wh-][(+about/of)] I'm not sure whether our team will win. 我不能肯定我隊是否能贏。 We are sure of his innocence. 我們確信他是無辜的。
    • 2. 一定的,必定的[Z][F][+to-v] She is sure to write to you. 她一定會給你寫信的。
    • 3. 確實的;可靠的 One thing is sure, he won't let you down. 有一點是確定的,那就是他不會讓你失望。 Exercise is a sure way of losing weight. 運動是減肥的可靠辦法。
    • 4. 穩健的;穩固的


    • 1. 【美】【口】的確;一定;當然 It's sure cold outside. 外面實在很冷。


    a. 確信的


    「a. 確信的;可靠的」的反義字

    • sure的形容詞最高級
    • sure的形容詞比較級
    • ph.
      確定 I think the quotation is from Volume 5, but you'd better make sure. 我覺得這段引文摘自第五卷, 不過你最好核實一下。 We made sure the experiment would be a success. 我們相信這個實驗會非常成功。
    • ph.
      肯定, 無疑 Without a careful check, no one knows for sure what has gone wrong with the machine. 如不仔細檢查, 誰也不能肯定機器出了什麼毛病。 No one knows for sure what happened to Bill. 沒有人確切知道比爾出了什麼事。
    • ph.
      務必, 一定要 Be sure (to write) and tell me all your news. 務必(來信)把你的所有情況都告訴我。 Be sure not to take any weapons. 務必不要攜帶武器。
    • ph.
      (用以表示所發生的與預料的相符)果然如此; 果真 I said it would happen, and sure enough it did. 我說過要有這樣的事, 果然如此。 We said things would turn out well, and sure enough they did. 我們說過情況會好轉的, 果然如此。
    • ph.
      當然 I have been luckier than a lot of people, sure thing, but that doesn't mean I am satisfied with things as they are. 我一直比很多人幸運, 當然這並不說明我已滿足現狀。 Do you want to come too? sure thing! “你也想來嗎?” “當然了!”
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    • IPA[ʃɔː(r)]



    • adj.
      確信的; 確實 Is that John over there? — I'm not sure 那邊那個人是約翰嗎?──我說不準 I'm not absolutely sure about or of this 對此我沒有絕對把握
    • adv.
      當然 will you open the wine? — sure, where is it? 你把葡萄酒打開好嗎?──沒問題,在哪兒呢? did it hurt? — sure it hurt 疼嗎?──當然疼了