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    • 誰願意幫我用redeployment造句?

      Permanent public sector employees whose jobs have been abolished and who are surplus to agency requirements may be registered for redeployment within the public sector.

    • 請幫我一下這段(經濟類文章)

      有外部過剩的國家將需要刺激國內需求,儘可能對物質和社會基礎設施的投資。 如果這樣的追加投資被認為不必要,資源可能由於尚未滿足的投資需求而被撥到到開發中國家。 就像目前迫切需要的,2004年12月亞洲地區海嘯過後,廣大重建工作需要額外的投資一樣。 <<應該可以懂這個...

    • 請英文高手幫忙翻譯!!多謝...

      ... certain level. It does not have surplus time to join the corporation that be responsible for one'... in the face of different customer's requirements, and to the method and skill, and understand "...