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    • 請問有關於take與make的片語

      ...我們休息一下吧。 take a chance 冒險 We will take a chance with the weather and go for a picnic. 我們將懷著天氣可能...進攻。 2. 停下 They made a stand and took a rest. 他們停下來休息一下。 make a stranger...

    • 幫我造英文句子!!

      ... takes a chance by not brining an umbrella in a cloudy day. 彼得賭說今天陰天...所以我們得盡快去加油站。 take a trip to 到某地方旅遊 ... been out of touch with Alice for a long time...

    • 幫幫忙唷~~The Rose~~英文歌曲找12個片語單字造句

      razor刀片 He shaves with the razor everyday.他每天用這刀片刮鬍子 bleed流血...害怕 I am afraid of dogs.我怕狗 take a chance 冒險(也是掌握機會之意) If you want to be...