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    • 英文達人請進~換句話說(6/12晚七點前用英文寫出下文相同的

      ...precise statements of parts of hypothesis involving aspects of phonology... who had learned a second language as adults and those who could consistently pass...

    • 能幫我翻譯這4個句子嗎

      ... of language, this innateness hypothesis would seem to point to something in human genetics, possibly a crucial mutation, as the source. 為了解釋語言能力... genetic change might have taken place or how it might relate to...

    • 冠心病英文翻譯的問題

      所有的測量都是由不知研究假設的資深護士來執行。在這次篩選檢查,對象就座休息5分鐘後測量血壓,並使用標準水銀血壓計,在右臂上執行血壓測量。 「過重」可以定義為,「身體質量指數(BMI)」在25與30之間。「肥胖」可以定義為,「身體質量指數(BMI)」在30以上。這...