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  1. take sth. on board

    • ph.
      【口】承擔(責任等); 承認(問題等)
    • 釋義


    • 1. 【口】承擔(責任等); 承認(問題等) I'm too busy to take this new job on board at the moment. 我太忙, 目前不能接受這項新工作。
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    • 開立L/C的條款問題

      ... indicating that good have been dispatched or taken in charge or loaded on board.. 全套正本清潔複合運送提單,外加不可轉讓副本一份,簽發方式為不記名、空白...

    • In the event of + S + V/Ving

      ... the event of the accidents mentioned above occurs on board, the Master shall take immediate actions to respond to the critical situation. (X) (2)In...

    • what is 〝get her on board〞???

      ...039;s pretty tired (Alice). I think we could get her on board. 就是該brother在試著說服Phoebe.. 他覺得 Alice 也照顧得很累...