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    • 請幫我檢查有沒有哪裡文法有錯誤(10點)

      ...,many people in Taoyuan would go to attend the festival at a lake.A race would be held for all people in Taoyuan to take part in.That is a really spectacular scene.I’m glad i live in...

    • 英翻中 星座的特質

      You hate following a routine. 您不喜歡跟著慣例走。 you enjoy playing energetic sports and you like taking part in races. 您喜歡精力旺盛的運動,也喜歡參與比賽。 you do not mind taking ...

    • 請幫我看看這篇英文文法有沒有錯誤

      ... teacher said it possibly blow out. A few minutes latter, teacher said...hold as usual . Our class came in first in 400 meter relay race. I take part in " two people have three feet...