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    take revenge on

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      向...報仇 We should take revenge for the martyr's death on the enemy. 我們必須為死難烈士向敵人報仇。
    • ph.
      報仇; 報復
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    • 幫我造句一下^0^(一個單字兩句)

      1.revenge She took her revenge on him for that insult. 她因那次侮辱向他報仇。 ...很有名。 2007-02-07 12:17:19 補充: 19.rely Rely on your own strength. 自力更生。 We can rely on...

    • 英文文法and

      ... said that I was a wolf and was trying to take revenge on her family. 應改成上面這樣。 2010-04-24 08:56:32 補充: 1.that I...

    • 冤冤相報何時了的英文如何翻譯?

      ...will not stop that take each other revenge. 我建議如下: It will not stop both taking revenge on/for each other. (stop + 動名詞: 停止做某事; 復仇 revenge在此是名詞) It will...