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    take the piss out of

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    • 時代雜誌文章;不懂,高手請進啊~!!!

      ... drunk, when i saw that sentence of "taking the piss". So somehow in my memory, I...22:33:06 補充: But like u pointed out, in here it actually means to make fun out of...

    • 創作英文故事..幫幫忙

      ...up 3. give up 4. run out of 5. cut off 6. find out 7. let someone down 2007-08...really (let my boss down) and pissed him off. 把was拿掉... did not notice that the power was (cut off) ...

    • (翻譯)pulp-mile end 20點請盡量別用翻譯軟體

      我們無處可住 我們無處可去 直到有人說 我知道Burditt 路這個地方。 它是在十五樓, 門邊有一個牌子。 需要一個小時才能撬開門進到裡面。 門裡聞起來好像某人死了; 客廳裡滿滿都是蒼蠅, 廚房水槽被堵塞了, 廁所水槽根本不見了。 喔, 這裡根本是一團糟!是的,這是旅程...