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    • 急~!!AS IF的問題~急~!!!

      ...上卻尚未有離開的動作,故以不定詞表現尚未發生的動作。 2. When we talked about him, he was quiet, as if (he was/were) lost in thought. 此為分詞片語的用法,lost...

    • goobly-gook是什麼意思壓???

      .... I found some websites talking about “goobly gook” and asked my... come some pages from my webadmin show up as goobly gook? That is, it shows...

    • 英文假設語氣文法問題~~

      ...要用had.因為他是假設的.所以用had d.恩.他是錯的. The child talks as if he was a grown-up. 不可以用 he was 要用he were 因為在假設語法中.was-->...